Narrative essay in past tense

narrative essay in past tense

words of wisdom, let. Listen again to check. Use the past continuous to describe to describe a longer continuous past action. Paul and John formed the Beatles. We can also use conjunctions to link up clauses with past simple verb forms. To master the use of these tenses you have to deal with their form, their use and their pronunciation both for listening and speaking. Build your vocabulary Do the 20th century pop quiz in pairs.

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Which Irish group couldnt find what they were looking for in the 1980s? Structure of the essay: Ensure that the event or events follow a proper logical sequence in your essay. We left the restaurant when we had finished dinner. Use the past simple to talk about consecutive actions in the past. B * Get SS to read the rules carefully and complete them. This podcast is about narrative tenses (past simple, past continuous past perfect see details below). It was a long green arm and it was stretching out from the water to grab my leg.