Development of science and technology essay

development of science and technology essay

the answers using statistical program like spss, version.0 and Ms excel. So that Nano Technology can be used for Maximum benefit to Flora, Fauna, Human and Environment in the name of Green and Sustainable development. These changes were due to industrialization, urbanization and agricultural practices which are adversely affecting our livelihood and the future of the planet. People waste their time when they play different games on a computer. In Mauritius although there are environmental clubs in certain schools, the awareness about sustainable development is low as shown in figure 3 below. And surgeons operate them on and put on implant inside them. The sample size was calculated by the formula provided by the following link:. Nominal by Nominal Cite This Work To export a reference to this article please select a referencing stye below: Essays,. The participants are mostly grade 1 teacher with teaching experiences from 1 to 20 years.

Furthermore, researchers are familiar with it (Javeau, 1996; Vamvoukas, 1998; Labaw, 1980; DeVaus, 1986). Because science will be around us even more in the future, I think we-tomorrows adults must start learning today to be ready to take our places in this computerized, transistorized, antibiotic, nuclear and supersonic age!

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With in the nbic, Nano technology ( NT ) holds the lead role. Dimensions between 1 and 100 Nano Meters ( with in 100 nm ) are known as the Nano Scale, where unique phenomena enable novel application. For the form 5 respondents, there are (69, 67) male and (34, 33) female. Though scientists have archived so freshman thesis much, scientific minds are still working at some urgent problems. A modern computer is capable of doing various tasks, like word processing and accounting. email protected unu. Every Technology handled by the Law of land in proper manner, in that matter There is no second thought. It has changed beyond recognition. In 1947, there were 620 colleges and universities; by 1996, that number was nearly 7,700.

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