Economic crisis in sri lanka essay

economic crisis in sri lanka essay

their works have been translated into other languages as well. Bodies are first embalmed in a secular, medical process and then returned to the families for funeral rites involving the gathering of extended family and the sharing of food, followed by either burial or cremation. Urbanism, Architecture, and the Use of Space. While overall there is a preference for sons, this is not as strong as in other South Asian countries.

White is the color associated with funerals, except for monks whose death is marked with yellow. The influences from these religious traditions have combined with the influences of the colonists and more modern designs to produce a diverse architectural landscape in the urban areas as well as the rural, where 7080 percent of the population continues to live. The Watte-dwellers: A Sociological Study of Selected Urban Low-income Communities in Sri Lanka, 1991. The dry lowlands of the eastern coast, site of fishing and rice cultivation, are particularly diverse both ethnically and culturally, with Muslims, Tamils, and Sinhalas composing almost equal portions of the population in some areas. Charred Lullabies: Chapters in an Anthropography of Violence, 1996. Sri Lanka is home to many sacred sites visited by foreigners and locals alike. Despite the politicization of separate ethnic identities, there is a core of cultural beliefs, practices, and values that are largely shared among the people of Sri Lanka, particularly in the domains of the economy, social stratification, gender, family, and etiquette. Academic competition starts early, as parents scramble to place their children in the better primary schools, and continues with three sets of standardized exams that determine access to subsequent Stilt fishermen in the waters near Weligama, Sri Lanka. Large emotional displays of any type are uncommon in public. Sri Lanka primary languages of the island. Ideally, a husband and wife live in their own household with their unmarried children, even if that household is actually a small section of an extended family home.

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