How to stop global warming essay

how to stop global warming essay

the best one to work with. Snow cover is projected to contract. Although in this day and age we can see what global warming is doing to our Earth, there are still those people who believe that humans are too small to make an impact. Its a global disaster that could potentially ruin Earth. For example, a 2010 summary of climate science by the Royal Society stated that: "There is strong evidence that the warming of the Earth over the last half-century has been caused largely by human activity, such as the burning of fossil fuels and changes. The year is 2100. No matter how much we are informed about it, we as a society seem to ignore the future disasters that global warming will acquire. Global warming threatens our future health conditions. All natural disasters from tornadoes to droughts will all increase in intensity one can only imagine what a hurricane twice as strong would do!

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People are to blame for rapidly melting ice, warming oceans, and rising sea levels. Supporters of human induced global warming stress that since the Industrial Revolution we have released excessive Continue Reading Global Warming 1050 Words 5 Pages Take a position: Global warming is a real problem. Find out how much your paper will cost. For example the Arctic a winter wonderland now big, huge, super deep, pool almost gone. Check back soon for those. In exact terms global warming can be widely described as an increase in the temperature of the Earths atmosphere and surface area which contributes to the change of Earths climate, due to emissions of greenhouse gases.

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