Proposal for gay adoption essay introduction

proposal for gay adoption essay introduction

that the parents who are animal characteristics in humans essay giving them custody are not biologically their parents, they trend to be reluctant to shape their behavior (Gottman, 1990). However, in light of this, the paper has brought forth a number of arguments that are against gay parents adopting kids. Most of them do not care much from exposing these children to behaviors that affect their moral. Gay men and lesbians are often viewed as excluded from having children because sexual reproduction is related to men and women only. It has been proved by psychologists that kids brought up in a single sex parent environment are prone to mockery, prejudice all these and related activities might work against the kid being a good performer in schools as well as other spheres of life. Accessed ; Available from: p?vref1. A parent is not defined by ones ability to bear a child but ones ability to raise a child in a nurturing and loving environment. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family and a strong opposer of same-sex parenting, states that "hundreds, if not thousands of articles and studies in the journals that show that children do best when you have a mother and a father providing role modeling. Behavior problems, most of the children who are in the gay parenthood, they tend to have a problem in the way they view different behaviors. According to statistic, gay parents are seen to be more reliable to perpetrate the children they have adopted than any other marriage partnership.

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proposal for gay adoption essay introduction

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proposal for gay adoption essay introduction

Second parent adoption. According to behavior genetic perspective, most of the teenagers who have been brought by gay parents most of them end up being either lesbian or gay still. This makes them to get constant criticism due to the way they carry themselves in the society though out of ignorance. Theories on the effects of gay adoption. Secondly, children have a hard enough time trying to figure who they are and how they fit into society as they approach puberty and in to there teens. Similarly, girls who live and brought up by homosexual parents are at higher risk of adopting masculine behaviors. According to bailey study from the teenagers who were mature enough to give their sexual orientation, out of nineteen teenagers from gay parenthood and similar number from heterosexual parenthood, seven from gay parenthood claimed to be interested in their life to be involved in gay. Natural order, according to religion and science, kids are brought to the world by both a man and a woman. This is because; their parents constantly have difficulties to deal with their peers especially who refute the idea of one being a gay (Gottman, 1990).

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Gay adoption by legal couples has become a rising controversy in the past decade, affecting the lives of many children and families.
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