Animal characteristics in humans essay

animal characteristics in humans essay

no rights, and no injustice can be done to them. Snowballs objective was to carry out the last wishes of Old Major and to make life better for the animals. Rather than motivating animals to work, they are forced to work otherwise they would not receive their ration of food. Animals have an extremely primitive way of communicating compared to humans, and the way in which we communicate. Without it's presence, the world would have no development, holding the same appearance as one million years ago. The animals became oppressed slaves to the pigs who became no different than the human masters.

We will write a custom essay sample. Yet, unfortunately both Marx and Major would never see their revolution commence. I answer that: God has given humans the dominion over the Earth. In this essay I would like to discuss both these viewpoints and express my own opinion. Absolutely nothing except that instead of humans ruling over animals, animals came to rule over animals. People have evolved into expressive and capable members of society. Snowball was a young, intelligent and a vivacious pig with a brilliant talent for speaking. The Bourgeoisie, or the rich, had full control over the Proletariats, who were the poor workers. The human language has been around for five thousand years and it is apparent that language has been complex long before that. Thats why I believe Boxer is attacked by the three dogs after he develops doubts about Snowball being a traitor.

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